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Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business ethics

We manufacture our products using processes that protect both the environment and the people involved. Aesthetics, quality and innovation can coexist only when there is a solid system of values behind them.

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in various areas of action, as established in the ECO-FASHION project:

Raw materials
Energy consumption
Dyes with low environmental impact
Recycling of processing waste
Human resources and community

Fashion pact

Aware that every choice has an impact on the environment, BRB is committed to finding innovative solutions and developing collaborations aimed at constantly improving products and processes according to specific sustainability criteria.

We furthermore ensure that all the choices we make are in line with the FASHION PACT signed by many of our customers.

Raw materials

We source all of our raw materials (brass, copper, stainless steel and zamak) from Italian companies belonging to international groups that use processes in line with the principles of sustainability set forth in the GLOBAL COMPACT pact and in compliance with the standards in use in the clothing industry, such as REACH and CPSIA.

The mechanical and physical tools we use allow us to “close the circle” by recycling our processing scraps and/or complex secondary raw materials.

Dyes and finishes

We use products that are natural or have a low environmental impact in the preparation, processing and coloring of our products.

Our water regeneration and recycling approaches allow us to limit our water consumption. We also strive to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and solvent evaporation in all of our processes.

Our customers’ MRSLs and our own adherence to Greenpeace’s Detox guidelines enable us to meet the most demanding specifications.


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